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Our Quadruped Children

The Kids
Our Three "Kids"; Rudy, Abby, and Max

In many ways having children and having dogs are similar. Both require a lot of attention and guidance. They will love you unconditionally (kids will until they reach their teens at least), and not seem to see your faults. Like humans, every dog has it's own personality and temperament. They will make you laugh and make you cry. Your life is never the same after they come into it, and leave a void when they are gone. Sometimes you will wonder what in the world you were thinking when you got them, and the rest how you would get along without them. Dogs and children are special gifts in our lives.

When Janet and I married, I was getting a little long in the tooth to be starting to raise a family, so we opted for dogs. Raising kids is a young persons sport that requires a lot of time and energy. With my being away at sea so much; it didn't seem right or fair to leave her as a single parent with the responsibility of raising our family, for the most part, by herself. Not that it can't and hasn't been done, it was the choice we thought best for us.

Janet had Maverick, a Corgidor (a Lab and Corgi mix) when we started seeing each other. He was a wonderful and amazing dog that we loved dearly. Mav was one of the smartest dogs I've seen. He could communicate with Janet and by the way he spoke (barked), would tell her what was happening around the house. He would bark and Janet would say, "there is someone walking by", or "a cat has come into the yard", or "somebody is coming into the driveway"; and she knew what he was telling her without looking, and was right. Mav somehow knew when I was coming home. He would start watching for me a few hours before I got home day or night, and wait for me at the front door without being told. He was really something! Maverick was 17 when he passed in 2007.

Maverick on our Honeymoon
Maverick camping on our Honeymoon

Our Family

The Family Today

We have three Miniature Dachshunds these days. Yes they are spoiled. But, they are our children. So, let me introduce you to our "kids".

Maximillion (aka: Max, aka: The Moorer)

Maximillian is a smooth coated Dachshund, and the oldest of our kids at about 12 years (2009) of age. Max came to us from our friend Gwen who had got him for her young son Wells. Sadly for Wells, it was determined that he was allergic to Max; so Max came to us when he was about a year old. At the time we had Maverick, who at first tolerated this young pup full of energy, then later the two were very close. As a youngster Max was so dark, we thought he was black. In the right light though, you could see some reddish brown under tones in his coat and we found out that his color was actually sable. Max, or as he goes in some circles "The Mooer", has been a wonderful addition to the family. He is the most gentle creature I've seen, and has never curled his lip, even when he was in serious pain. Max has taken on the roll of the reserved senior since Maverick passed away. He still gets out and plays with the youngsters a bit, but for the most part is happy to sit back make sarcastic remarks as the "youngsters" burn the candle at both ends.

Abby Rose (simply "The Queen")

Abby Rose is a 5 year old (2009), smooth coated red Dachshund. She is simply "The Queen". We got Abby after Maverick passed away. Max was devastated at his passing and we felt the need to get him a sibling. We got Abby when she was three years old from Frog Creek Farm in Shelton Washington, owned by Chet and Aimee Beutel. Abby had given them two litters of puppies and was looking at retiring. I had wanted to get a female and eventually Janet was referred to Aimee. We took Max down to met Abby and the Beutels. Abby came home with us and has been a part of the family since. She can be the most pigheaded creature in the world at times. she has a will of steel which can be a challenge. But, she is also the one of the most devoted and loving. Her maternal instincts are very strong and if anyone is not feeling well she is right there mothering them, dog or human. She is the leader of the pack and an instigator. We just have to remind her that the humans are the bosses and not the dogs. She doesn’t like that (or believe it), but she lives with it. Abby is also a hopeless daddy's girl. She just adores me (which is cool), and is so attentive when I'm around. Abby can make you crazy at times, but we wouldn't want to be without her.

Rudy (aka: the Patuty, aka: Whitey)

Rudy is our youngest at a year and a half (2009). He is so darn sweet we could have called him candy! And talk about cute, he can charm the toughest. Even people who don't like dogs take a shining to him. He is defiantly a lover. Rudy is a Piebald (has white coloring) wirehaired miniature Dachshund. I first saw him when I took Max and Abby to the Beutel's, who were going to watch them for us while we were away on a trip. Aimee told me about the litter that had been born the pervious week and offered to show them to me. Now I was not looking for another dog, but always like meeting new ones. The moment I saw Rudy, he dug his little claws into my heart and it was all over. I belonged to him. Even though we didn't want to be a three dog family, it was the easiest sell to get Janet to agree on the addition. Normally we have our dogs fixed, but Rudy is a special little guy and he was wanted for stud service, so we have kept him intact. He even has his own little website at Rudy has since sired two litters of puppies, the first in June 2010, and the second in November 2011. You can see his cute offspring on his website. He is very good at his "work" and loves his job.