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The Rest of the Family

May 2009 Birthdays at The Old Spaghetti Factory.
Some of my family at our 2009 May Birthdays get together at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle.

I am sixth of eight kids in my family of five boys and three girls. Two brothers, Mike and Tim have passed away, so there are six of us left. My mom Kathleen, is from a small community near Seattle, and lives near me in Burien these days. My father Elmer, who is from Detroit; lives over by Yakima in eastern Washington. All of us kids still live in Washington except one, who lives in the upper Midwest. We have the normal (or abnormal, depending on how you look at it) family dynamics that can be found in many families. There are some good combinations, and some that are not; and I probably should leave that there. I know I need to go further with this, but can't get my mind around how to do it. So, for right now I'm going to leave it here, at least until I can figure out how to procede. I try to keep in touch with most, the best I can. It is not easy when you travel as much as I do. We see each other when we can make things work out, and talk when we can make the connection. It just seems that we are all so busy with our own lives, and it is hard for us to get time together at the same time.