masthead picture of sunset in Alaska

Welcome to the Backchuck

This is a site about my own little world.

Who am I?

My name is Chris Lickey and I live in Washington State (that is the one on the left, both literally and figuratively), in the United States. I'm a middle aged guy, with a wife, Janet, and three kids (all quadrupeds): Max, Abby, and Rudy. Rudy is available for stud service, and he has his own little website for those who are interested.

Janet and I with Abby, Max, and Rudy; above the Imnaha River in Eastern Oregon, July 2008
Janet and me with Abby, Max, and Rudy above the Imnaha River in Northeastern Oregon, July 2008.

I'm a tug boat captain for Western Towboat Co., running a tug and barge from Seattle to Southeast Alaska and back. I haul freight and supplies for Alaska Marine Lines to the fine people of the Alaska panhandle.

When not out boating, I like to do a little camping, hunting and fishing, take a few pictures, travel a bit, and spend time with my family. I also enjoy working with wood and metal, reading, playing a bit with computers and trying to learn a little as I go to keep the grey matter dusted off. This website is part of the latter. It is a chance to try some of the things that I've read about to see if I can make them work. This is a work in progress. It is done in my spare time in a basic text editor, so it takes time for me to get things together. Check in once in a while and see the changes. If you have comments or suggestions, pass them along.

I hope you take a minute and look around. Thanks,


If you were woundering why I chose the name, its because backchucks are usually very beautiful, peaceful, and quite cozy. A backchuck is a small secondary inlet, cove, or lagoon with a restricted entrance; and they are usable only by small boats. It is a very good place to be when the world is going crazy outside the entrance, and the sea is white with rage. It's the kind of place I like to poke around and explore.